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Spotlight on Ingredients: How does the mineral salt control malodor?

The mineral salt has a long-standing history and is greatly renowned for its many functional properties. One of which is its strong preventative effect on bacterial overgrowth. For topical use on the skin, this effect can last all day. The mineral salt acts as a protective layer on the skin against odor-causing bacteria. Another one of its stellar properties is its ability to tighten, without blocking, the body pores. This tightening effect reduces sweat flow, realigns and rebalances the skin naturally; it is suitable for both normal users and those with excessive sweating. Other than the aforementioned properties, the mineral salt is recorded in many ancient medicinal remedies as an antiseptic. The mineral salt is widely accepted and very popular among natural product lovers. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to its potency; it is effective upon first usage. As a result, the mineral salt is gaining popularity all over the world, in America and Europe, as well as Asia.

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